Washburn Rover Travel Guitar Sold on Craigslist

‘new’ Strat clonerov_top

I only had this Washburn Rover travel guitar for a month and a half but my ‘new’ Strat clone made it redundant. A nice young guitar student living in a cabin in Ukiah bought it for my asking price of $135. Long may your cabin be filled with music, Josh. Here’s the CL ad that sold it:

My roving days are over. Washburn Rover guitar and case perfect for travel, work guitar, child, student, small hands. Brand new Ernie Ball strings installed and tuned by Strum Shop in Roseville.
No scratches, beautiful condition, not the loudest but nice kind of banjo/uke /mandolin sound. Full size rosewood fretboard. Custom hard case fits most airline bins.
Seeking in trade…Ovation, Ibanez, acoustic/electric, boat, Samsung tab, gat. May adjust w/cash if good trade.
Sell outright for one hundred and thirty-five cash.
Features list:
Full size 24″ scale
Solid spruce top
Mahogany body and neck [mine looks more like flamed maple]
Rosewood fingerboard
Quality geared tuners
Professional binding and inlay
Sized to fit airline overhead storage Includes case
Exterior Case Dimension
37 ” length
12″ – Width
6″ – Depth
Must be local, barter or cash only, don’t need help selling it, no Nigerian foreign ministers with banking problems. Can meet in neutral location to deal.

This was a beautiful instrument but harder to play, with nylon strings, than my new strat clone which also sounds pretty good for a flea market guitar; so I had to let the Washburn go.

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2 thoughts on “Washburn Rover Travel Guitar Sold on Craigslist

    • Actually the fit and satin finish were very pretty but I’ll admit the proportions were big-hipped. It had an interesting banjo/mandolin/uke sound but was hard to play with nylon strings.

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