Draining, Cleaning and Filling My 20K Gallon In-ground Pool

It’s a twenty thousand gallon Peri Built from perhaps the late 1970s with water dating back to the Great Roseville Flood of 1995. It was (way past) time for a drain, clean, acid wash and refill.

Here’s the new equipment from last year, along with a new Polaris sweep and hoses. Variable speed motor pump:

 And Century Centurion 3/4 hp sweep boost pump.

Here’s the bad: ancient mechanical timer clocks and control panel.

Luckily the new motor has its own digital timer but that means every day I still have to make sure the main pump is on then manually turn on the sweep boost pump and then turn it off when done.

No remedy except replacing the disco-era panel and clocks for mucho dinero. Kick that can down the street till the mortgage is paid off at year’s end.

A tee-joint and pressure gauge I jury-rigged to keep working after the pressure drain valve came off in my hand.

Don’t try this at home, kids, for pros only. So now I have to wait quite a long time before opening the thing for cleaning lest I get blowed up real good!

And the ugly: out of the whole 1970s grandfather’s ax system this is the ur-component, the original Sta-Rite 100 sq ft paper filter cartridge system. This was inadequate even back when Travolta danced and no better in these modern times.

I’ll replace this rascal with the newer 4-cartridge system next year or during the winter to use less power, and listen less to screaming pool pumps.

Here’s why I pay Paul to do this. Every inch of pool gets swept, scrubbed, sprayed, acid washed and blasted with a Proton Pack to kill the mighty and tenacious algae (well, I made up the last part).

Very labor intensive deploying nasty noxious chemicals, some requiring filter mask and safety glasses.

The Honda pump ran noisily for about 5-6 hours. I knocked a dog-ear off the fence so the drain hose could run to the alley sewer grate.

Paul set up traffic cones and a screen for the drain. Before the final drain he applied neutralizer to the remaining water.

After pumping most of the water out Paul used a big Shop Vac to get most of the rest.

The algae water with the bugs he couldn’t get out of the bottom gets filtered out as soon as the water gets high enough to turn on the antediluvian filter.

As directed I added four gallons of 12.5% HASA liquid chlorine and ran the filter 8+ hours after it filled.

The white powder is Leslie’s Power Powder shock that did not dissolve. Liquid for me from now on.

I started the refill about 3:30 (1530) and ran it all night.

It took about twelve hours to get the water back in. I’ll need to clean the filters pretty quickly.

Algae is hard to stop so the key is adequate chlorine and plenty of filter hours. In addition to the liquid, I put ten chlorine tabs in two floating dispensers.

Paul charged me $350 for the job and $40 for the estimate. Contact me for his number if you need his fine service.

Gertrude, Queen of Denmark checks out the work. Wanna go for a cold swim, Gertie?



Unless noted, all text and images produced by todgermanica.com. Non-commercial use free with attribution.

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