The Confederacy Is Owed No Respect

As a veteran and a poor southron, I consider the Confederacy odious. They started a hopeless war fought on delusions, to support an evil institution that was prolonged by the efficiency and drive of rich slave master Lee and other military traitors to the United States of America.
The South got off easy compared to Nazi Germany and the Japanese Empire, with only Atlanta and Charleston showing the traitors what could happen PDQ if no white flag was flown.
But the South never accepted they lost; like Deutschland was ‘stabbed in the back’ and didn’t lose WWI at all.
The only way rogue slaver nations get the message is through bombardment, blockade, destruction and prolonged military occupation.
Reconstruction was curtailed because northerners were racists too-it was a casually racist era.
This is 2017. For an African-American to see a Confederate battle flag is the same as a Jew having to see a swastika. It ain’t the ‘Dukes of Hazzard‘, more like, “it’s a damn shame our boys lost, be right nice to have slaves doing all the work.”

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