Epiphone SG Series E Bully 6-String


Distinctive asymmetrical headstock with Dovewing logo

No dirt, corrosion or sediments were disturbed during this photo shoot.
DSC05420Antique shop owner wanted $89 but said $50 cash. I said how about all the cash in my wallet. So I now own a very Gibson-looking 2001-2002 Epiphone SG Series E Bully electric solid-body 6-string for $35 USD.


3-position pickup selector is missing the lock ring but does operate.

With a very limited production run Spring 2001-2002, the Bully was distinctive in its asymmetrical headstock with ‘Dovewing’ logo, clear plastic knobs, its color names, and its simplicityDSC05418
This from Guitar List:  The Epiphone Bully (2001 – 2002) was an SG style electric with a 24.75″ scale length bolt-on maple neck.
The neck had a slim taper profile and “super-slide” satin finish, rosewood fingerboard and dot inlays topped off with the E-Series Dovewing headstock.


I like this strap hanging boss on neck plate but, sadly, a previous owner has scratched his name on it.

Pickups were two open coil humbuckers controlled by single volume and tone controls and a 3-way selector switch. Finish options were black, blood stain red or bruise purple.

This guitar was available bundled with a Studio 10 amplifier and accessories as the Epiphone Bully Player Pack.

My pawnshop buddy Dennis at Eagle Loan on Vernon St. in Roseville supplied the necessary gig bag, AXL medium strings and purple MADE IN USA nylon strap (Go Sac Kings!).
Can’t wait to hear this beauty sing.

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