Epiphone SG Bully: Plywood Beauty

My new 2001-2002 Epiphone SG E-series Bully guitar after clean-up and re-string. How I got it for $35 is in part one.


$5 pawnshop strings installed easily but popped the B and the D string when I tuned it. Sometimes cheap does not work.

One of the dirtiest instruments I’ve ever worked on, it took me about two hours with wet and then dry teeshirt cloth followed by microfiber cloth and instrument polish to clean it.


Only $2 more at $6.99, these installed just as quickly and were successfully tuned. Sometimes quality counts.


Only the strings (and maybe dirt) hold the bridge on.

From the web: The Epiphone Bully (2001 – 2002) was an SG style electric with a 24.75″ scale length bolt-on maple neck.


Kevin Sinor, I’ve got your old Bully. Most ‘bolt on’ necks, like this one, don’t use bolts. These are wood screws.

The neck had a slim taper profile and “super-slide” satin finish, rosewood fingerboard and dot inlays topped off with the E-Series Dovewing headstock.


Ground off the chrome layer and a brass layer before I could efface Kevin’s mark.

Pickups were two open coil humbuckers controlled by single volume and tone controls and a 3-way selector switch. Finish options were black, blood stain red or bruise purple.


Cheap satin black Krylon paint closely matched the electronics cover plate.

This guitar was available bundled with a Studio 10 amplifier and accessories as the Epiphone Bully Player Pack.


I was happy to see the cavity painted with anti-static paint and the cover plate covered with foil for the same purpose. It is quiet as a result.

I tightened the machine heads with socket wrench and small Phillips head screwdriver. Note embedded dirt and grime.
This pic of the neck pocket shows the 7-layer plywood comprising the body. Light and dark layers alternate.


Beautiful 2-piece maple neck.


My first guitar re-string. 33 1/3 % harder than a bass.


Close color and luster match between cover plate and neck plate.


It cleaned up nicely and sounds good.

I compared my Silvertone Stratocaster clone to this Bully. The humbuckers tend to give it a warmer tone than my ‘hotrodded’ strat, with it’s ‘vintage’ pickups and massive after-market brass tremolo block.


Why they called it Bully.

The plywood beauty of the Bully.

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3 thoughts on “Epiphone SG Bully: Plywood Beauty

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  2. I love my Bully! I did a project but had an easier starting point than you. I have completely stopped playing my Les Paul Custom! Lol

    • Bill
      Thanks for the comment. It’s amazing how good a manufactured plywood instrument can play and sound. If you told someone my Bully coincidence story they’d think you made it up. Thanks for reading.

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