Cabo Inn: Baja’s Secret Gem

2020-01-30 18.09.31
Like many old hotels in Mexico the Cabo Inn, where I stayed Wednesday and Thursday, has a rich history and is charming to see.
2020-01-31 21.01.24
Built in 1955 and thus making it nearly as old as me, the Cabo Inn was converted from a brothel to a hotel in 1981.
2020-01-31 21.07.43
Many hotels in Mexico are built on the courtyard pattern where the main part of the building is disposed around a central courtyard and the outer walls often have no windows or small barred windows only.
2020-01-31 21.04.39
The courtyard style dates back to at least 6400BCE and was popular in ancient Rome centered on an atrium.
2020-01-31 21.03.23
You can see the rooms arranged around the outside of the building with the courtyard open to the sky.
2020-01-31 21.02.17
Cabo Inn has some rooms labeled to honor various Mexican and foreign luminaries.

Including Diago Rivera and Frida Kahlo, whose uni-browed, mustachioed face glares at you from walls all over Mexico.
2020-01-31 21.02.51
2020-01-31 21.03.59
These hotels usually have a kitchen and a cook to prepare guests tasty traditional meals and superb coffee at good prices.
2020-01-31 21.06.12
Reasonable prices of around $50USD per night make the Cabo Inn a popular choice for frugal travelers.
2020-01-31 21.00.44
Check it out, highly recommended by me, Memo.

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2 thoughts on “Cabo Inn: Baja’s Secret Gem

  1. hey memo, glad you are having fun. the weather looks great and the towns look all brightly colorful and inviting. i am following your travels on google maps, learning the lay of the land. no rain yet huh ,does it rain much this time of year? have u avoided the runs by sticking w/ beer or is that a myth and the waters fine in tourist town? you can tell u are an above average photographer by how well u frame and compose the pics. now lets have some shots of lovely senoritas. i am busy clearing out moms house. oh, and the niners lost in the last 6 minutes. head north young (old) man. hasta luego and mas camerones

  2. GABEZ
    Mexicans love color, music, dance and song at full volume always. So it’s a bright lively place.
    Yes, it rains here this time of year but sporadically and widely spread. Clear skies for me until yesterday when it drizzled all day, then began a tropical deluge lasting off and on all night. I was warm and dry though in my nice big hotel room at Hotel Maria Bonita. Glad I moved out of the (youth) hostel tent. Its not actually called ‘youth’ but it was all 20-somethings there except for me, now in muddy tents.
    No digestive problems (yet), but I am sticking to beer, juice, coffee and water just in case. The tap water isn’t mal (bad), just has different bugs from our water. Most hotels provide the guests with purified bottled water.
    Thanks for the compliment, hard to take a bad picture down here and the women are often stunning, in even the smallest town.
    I saw the game at a cafe eating chicken enchiladas and sipping a fine Victoria beer. Good game even if our team lost.
    I am heading north, possibly Thursday, to the Capitol, La Paz, curtural and swim beach capitol as well. I’ll buy a nice guayabera shirt, a pair of pantalones larga (long pants), hit museums and the Malecon (bayside promenade), watch the world go by, and become a boulevardier.
    Thanks for the comment!
    Via con dias,

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