WordPress Hoses Me Again

Sorry for the blogging blackout, any viewers I might still have. But WordPress, my web host and software provider, ‘updated’ my blogging software so now I can’t figure out a fucking thing. It was always a buggy and crappy and slow interface to start with but as usual WP made it worse. Like, maybe, this plain text will be visible, maybe not. No way I can see to add pictures so it’ll be just text for the next year, I guess. WordPress could not give the tinest shit. So fuck you very much, again, WP. Take your Block [head] Editor back to the drawing board. At least let us choose the old slow crappy editor with the UK spellchecker. So not nice having to work with you. And I just paid for another whole year.
PS-the featured image (if you can see it!) is what I wanted to blog about, my new bass. Bummer.

[A few minutes later: Nope, no “featured image” post icon on my home index page, just a greyed out box with a book (?) tag. So I guess the WP software thought I was just kidding about inserting the pic. Or something. Still not obvious how to insert any media so no blogging for me still. Its their way or no information highway. ]

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